Homemade Fitness

Homemade Fitness

With a new year comes new fitness goals, and we’ve gathered a few quick at-home workout tips for a happier and healthier home.


Kick off your morning with a quick full-body workout to start the day with a fresh mind and warmed up muscles. The internet is a treasure trove of simple and quick workouts – even ones you can do in 15 minutes. Try out a few and see which ones are right for you.


When you’ve got a busy schedule, two-story homes can come in handy. Stairs workouts tone your legs better than flat ground exercises and are a great way to also check cardio off the list. These are a few different stairs workouts that you can squeeze in during any time of the day.


And if you’ve got the time, head down to Twin Creeks Park. Get in your fix of vitamin D while doing some strength training or take a few laps around the walking path. And why leave your kids at home? They can get in a fun sweat session with you over a game of HORSE or kicking the soccer ball around the field.


15 minutes is better than none. There’s always a way to get in your fitness fix at University District – even on your busiest days.

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